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Welcome to the modern world, where energy and sustainability travel together, where the human intellect leads to overcoming new challenges to be better, to be human. The turning point starts from us and from the world we dream of for our children. A world where man and nature return to live together in harmony and balance. Biomass is the first green fuel to provide the planet with new forms of energy and services. From heating to cooking, Kondor Group biomass machines represent the present and the future for our homes and businesses. Thanks to the use of biomass as a fuel, in fact, not only is a net saving guaranteed compared to any other type of fuel, but this is the right choice to make also for the environment, our first home.

Wood pellet

Pellet wood is a fuel obtained from virgin wood, sometimes starting from processing waste (such as planing, sawdust, chips, cuttings) other times from the entire trunk. It can be defined as “solid biofuel, generally in cylindrical form, of random length typically between 5 mm and 30 mm and with interrupted ends, produced from pulverized biomassContinue reading “Wood pellet”

Wood chips

Wood chips are wood reduced into flakes, with dimensions ranging from a few millimeters to a few centimeters, produced from logs and twigs through the chipper, and which can be used as fuel or raw material for natural and / or industrial processes. Italy is the leading European market for the consumption of wood pellets,Continue reading “Wood chips”

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