Biomass hot air generators

Kondor Group biomass hot air generators are the right product to heat large spaces such as greenhouses, livestock farms, industrial sheds and sports centers. They produce energy in an intelligent way, because the fuel that makes them work is intelligent: from wood waste in the form of pellets or chips, to corn pellets, pomace pits, walnut shells, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, pine nuts , pistachios and various minces. Kondor Group hot air generators work with different types of solid bio-fuel, in order to have an alternative beyond wood and pellets. More heat in terms of power and greater savings in terms of combustion.

This is also the right choice for the environment: by recycling all bio-materials that would otherwise be lost and transforming them into energy, circular and sustainable production is ensured. The Kondor Group biomass hot air generators last over time thanks to their structure in high thickness sheets, which also guarantee the stability of the machine (absence of vibrations) and, therefore, maximum silence. They are equipped with a modern and intuitive electronic control unit with certified display, a drawer for collecting ash and a separate anti-backfire fuel system with double auger.



Hot air generator for pellets, agripellets and wood. Available in 4 different powers: 40 kW, 80 kW, 100 kW, 200 kW.


Why choose Kondor Group biomass burners



Kondor Group biomass machines guarantee power in the production and diffusion of heat.


Using biomass as a fuel actively contributes to sustainable energy production.


Kondor Group biomass machines are of the highest quality. They last over the years while maintaining high performance and efficiency.


By using biomass as a fuel, savings are guaranteed compared to any other type.


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